Hello there! is a research project to make publicly available government data, more accessible to citizens. We are building a knowledge graph with the information extracted from Government web pages. We also have some ideas to solve specific public problems, and convey these ideas to Government officials where possible.

This website has 5 parts.

1. Wiki - is an attempt to catalog the various government web pages and make them easily accessible to the people. This is a volunteer driven project including some bots! A citizen's interaction with government will be lot more fruitful if we have some understanding of the processes. Unlike a private company's customer service, a government department does not have the resources to be user friendly. Can we provide our public servants some help by making their 'customers' (citizens) a bit more informed?

This is an installation of the MediaWiki software.

2. Ideas -

These are ideas for Good Governance from our research group. We present these ideas to Government officials where possible.

3. Share -

This is an installation of Kliqqi. To share news related to Governance in India.

4. Search - - still under construction.

While the wiki is a human curated repository of knowledge, we can also crawl the government web pages and make them available for search. All these pages are already available on web search providers like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Since we crawl pages to extract information, we make them available for search as well.

This is an installation of Elasticsearch.

5. Knowledge Graph - still under consruction.

We are working on extracting information from government pages, using Open IE, Deep Dive and other publicly available information extraction techniques. Hence this is a research project on Automatic Knowledge Base Construction (AKBC) techniques too.

This project also has social media accounts:

If you have suggestions or wish to join this effor, please write to govpedia dot in on gmail.